The YIAY Book
The YIAY Book
The YIAY Book
The YIAY Book

The YIAY Book

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*All book proceeds go to help me fund my honeymoon.


This book was written by me - a twenty-something guy who's been on YouTube for far too long. And one of the series I run on my channel is YIAY - Yesterday I Asked You. It's a silly show where I ask my viewers questions, and I collect my favorite, sassiest answers. And at over 350 episodes, it definitely hasn't been milked dry yet. But, see, there's one huge problem. You guys get to have all the fun. YOU write the answers.

So I decided to enter the book game and write my own answers to 50 questions I've asked you in the past. And let me just say, I have a newfound respect for you guys. It's hard being funny. It must have taken me 30, maybe 40 minutes to crank these answers out! However, I wanted to keep some of the interactivity of YIAY in this book. So you'll also find 1 answer per question submitted by you before the book was completed. And for each question, there's a slot where YOU, dear reader, can write in your own answer.

I spend more time on Twitter than I'd like to admit, and I'll retweet my favorite answers if you take a picture and use #YIAYbook. Have I mentioned that this book makes for a great coffee table companion, as well as a good ice breaker? Hey - that's one of the featured questions! So flip through, enjoy, and contribute if you're feeling frisky.

And thank you for making an actual author somewhere furious.

- Jack Douglass 

This book features 50 illustrated YIAY questions and comments.

Hard Back + Full color pages.

Examples below.